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Stephen Striegel - Vice President

Stephen was born in May of 1966 in Miami, Florida. He began playing drums at age 14, and eventually came to study under renowned drummer and bandleader Gene Thaler. At age 18, he moved to Boston Massachusetts to attend Berkley College of Music where he graduated in 1988 with his bachelors of music. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his career in music. It was in Los Angeles that he began studying Aikido under Haruo Matsuoka Sensei. Through Matsuoka Sensei, he was encouraged to visit Japan and learn Aikido from 10th Dan aikido master, and noted calligrapher Seiseki Abe Sensei. Under Abe Sensei, he has been learning aikido, shodo, misogi, kojiki, and other aspects of Japan's rich culture. Steven eventually obtained the rank of Shodan in Japan, from Abe Sensei. He frequently visits Japan to study with both Abe Sensei and Matsuoka Sensei and pursue the harmony and mastery of the spirit exemplified by both these great teachers. He also continues his studies of music through recording and performing with a wide variety of artists.


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