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We would like to talk a bit about our mentoring process - how taking kids into our programs, leads them, subtly at first, towards change and personal growth. Then, ultimately, to a place where they begin to see and understand the process of learning how to grow as it becomes apparent and accessible through the sincere practice of one of the available art forms offered through each of our programs. We promise that kids who participate in our programs will be treated to a unique glimpse directly into the heart of Japanese culture.

Our focus is to promote the traditional learning method of disciplined practice and personal study of the arts under the direct guidance and tutelage of master level teachers. We offer programs that fall within the two broad traditional paths of study, bu - the aesthetic path, and bun - the martial path. It has been shown that both are mapped by the same ethos, overlap and lead ultimately to the same destination - a person's discovering harmony within. It is this ideal, to further develop the relationship between themselves and the world in which they live that is at the ultimate goal of our mentoring process.

Through our process, called the Power Triad™, a sincere practitioner will learn that the highest elements of the art reveal themselves over time. The inherent understanding that self-discipline is a way of achieving ones personal goals, thus discovering a vital "inner" power available to all, accessed by some, mastered by few. This is said to be the spiritual power behind each of the traditional art forms of Japan.

NY Aikido Center's - Power Triad

Our focus is on offering classes, lectures and seminars that foster the understanding of, and promote the practice of:

Aikido - It is with this program that our mentor process begins and is rooted. In its simplest form, Aikido, a martial art that is completely self-defensive in nature - there is no kicking, punching, blocking, or competitions - teaches us how to deal with conflict by blending or harmonizing with the opponent. It is this unique characteristic, instilled by the founder of the art, which leads practitioners to an understanding that the principals of aikido can also be used as a powerful metaphor by which to live a peaceful life.

Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) - This art form promotes the development of self-discipline, concentration, focus, and proper breathing during the practice of the writing of beautiful Japanese kanji characters.

Macrobiotics - Based upon thousands of years of natural methods of growing, selecting and preparing food, macrobiotics can help to promote a balanced diet and a healthy attitude towards oneself and the world in which we live. There is much more to marcobiotics than "brown rice." It is the secret power behind the successful practice both Aikido and Shodo.

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