NY Aikido Center
- Mission Statement -


We are organized to teach, disseminate and educate the public about Aikido - a martial art, Shodo - Japanese calligraphy and other traditional, Japanese cultural art forms. Generally, our purpose is to promote a greater understanding of traditional Asian cultural art forms, and the people of Asia. Moreover, as a direct result of participating in and supporting our programs, benefit the community by creating harmony amongst the many diverse cultural backgrounds found within the community.

We intend to accomplish our community outreach goals by:

Maintaining facilities for instruction in Aikido, Shodo, and Macrobiotics, and other traditional Japanese art forms.

The creation and distribution of publications which allow a greater understanding of these arts in general.

Hosting public performances, seminars, lectures and demonstrations about these and other art forms.

Working with other non-profit organizations and their members, local city and other community-based organizations to benefit the people within the community.


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