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Best of Long Island

Martial arts and the art of tattooing have been mixing it up forcenturies. I have taken the time to research quite a few of the very good shops, here on Long Island. Bruce Kaplan over at Lark Tattoo of Westbury is one of the best tattoo artists out there for martial artists. He also owns The Laser Spa, a state of the art laser hair and tattoo removal studio right next door, where they offer quality work and discounts when you combine their services. Lark Tattoo also has one of the most amazing piercers in the business, for all your piercing needs....

Those of us who train will tell you that Martial Arts training changes who you are, how you see yourself and how other people see you. Make your way to Lark Tattoo or The Laser Spa and experience another type of change, one that let's you become more of who you already are, is just as powerful and just as permanent, but takes a lot less time and effort...


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