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Find us on Facebook - NY Aikido Center

Welcome Message from NYAC Chief Instructor

Thank you for your interest in NY AIKIDO CENTER.

As of May of 2004, NYAC moved from a public, commercial-style dojo model to that of a formal and more private study group. We altered both the nature and level of our training to facilitate a new direction a more streamlined focus all in an effort to greater realize our training goals. Training at NYAC is only open to members. If you are interested in becoming a member and training with us please feel free to reveiw our application process and contact us with any questions you might have.

Training at NYAC includes basic, intermediate and advanced taijutsu (empty handed) classes, along with workshop intensives focusing on bokken, jo & tanto (weapons), kokyu-ho (method of developing breath power), misogi-no-gyo (The founder's non-religious purification method to unify the mind and body and spirit), and shodo (Japanese Calligraphy). We also offer direction in seishoku (proper diet, and the power of proper food selection and preparation as it relates to Martial Arts). This describes only the basic syllabus that will be covered, and is merely a shadow of the totality of the training regimen. If you are interested in a deeper study of martial arts as a budo than you believe you are able to find at a public dojo, in both its bu and bun aspects, there is a good chance that you may be the type of individual who will greatly benefit from this unique Martial Arts Training approach.

Please note: To apply you must be at least 18

Although our training is private and is not open for public participation or viewing, we have scheduled several open training sessions throughout the year. Please see the events calendar for specific dates and times. Invitations will be sent out to our friends in the martial arts community and to those who wish to participate. If you have an interest, please join our mailing list and note that you would like to join us for these open training sessions.

Private Instruction
For those outside of our study group, there is the alternative of scheduling private, 60 or 90 minute one-on-one training sessions. Please note: before scheduling any training sessions, there is a short interview at which time the specific needs as determined by the person interested in this type of training are discussed, along with the cost associated with this level of training.

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